Swansea New Deal is an @aalandscapeurbanism design thesis by Eunji Lee, Minxiang Huang and Jianxin Liang. The post-industrial landscape of Swansea Bay sits in one of the highest tidal ranges in the UK. A tidal lagoon project was rejected by the central government there, based on comparing its cost with the neighboring Hinkley nuclear power station and dashing the regeneration hopes of the local community. This project looks at the lagoon debate and proposes community-based energy production, by re-purposing the existing maritime infrastructure, abandoned after the decline of the cooper industry. The tidal, seasonal and climate change conditioning of this form of energy put into question conventional spatial and temporal understandings in the re-development of the docks. Its small-scale energy production is put forward as a prototype for post-industrial dock infrastructures in the UK and as an alternative for centralized energy management.


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