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Just Transition is a AA Landscape Urbanism design thesis by Rafael Martinez, Elena Luciano and Yasmina Yehia.The AA Landscape Urbanism programme set a 2018-2019 agenda in partnership with the New Economics Foundation, conducting an inquiry about the potential role a landscape urbanist can play in the contemporary UK. In the South Wales Valleys, draining coal in the past gave rise to an extractive system that fuelled Britain for decades. Their closure in the 1980s transitioned the towns to the current highest deprivation levels in the country. Beyond the national boundaries, the project looks at how the energy transition apparatus of the UK impacts the way consequential landscapes are instrumentalised globally and how this “greening” veil of Just Transition hides the continuation of business as usual in resource extractions in the Global South. Back in Wales, the Just Transition framework is interrogated and re-thought through a community forestry model in the Valleys, where the challenging of environmental forestry conservations empowers local voices, re-designing a new relationship with their landscape commons.


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