PROTOTYPICAL URBANITIES: India’s Infrastructural Metropolitanism


India’s urban population explosion in the last few years has propelled the emergence of a conflicted/chaotic rapid urbanisation in the subcontinent as well as the implementation of major civil works intending to cope with a growth which needs to be founded both on the creativity of its entrepreneurs, but also on the grounds of its spatial infrastructures.

Landscape Urbanism will engage both critically and opportunistically with the newly planned Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor starting from the North region close to New Delhi. We shall explore the generation of ‘proto-strategies’ for new large-scale agglomerations as a means of critically addressing the phenomena of mass-produced cities. The students will be asked to identify the conditions for their own projects in such a way that they can thread spatial, social and environmental discourses linked simultaneously to the large scale government led idea and the localised response emerging from the found territorial conditions. The whole group of student projects shall conform an alternative mode of spatial development, where the character of transnational infrastructures is used to ground and root a socio-technical alternative for a brand new urban nature.