Co|Operative Wet|Lands is an AA Landscape Urbanism Design thesis by MSc Yanwen Wu and Conyue Wang with input from MArchh Yan Sun.
The proposal breakes the river levees to allow the sediment-laden water to flow into interior land. This will create a remedial wetland system to filter the nutrient from upper–streams and reduce the pollution discharge from Polish Vistula catchment to Baltic Sea maritime system and then relieve the intense conflicts between western and eastern countries.

The flooding will occupy considerable amounts of existing farmland. The project see this as an opportunity to re-organizethe local productive industry. The wetland system will be reclaimed in time back to mainland with the sediment accumulation and nutrient decrease. This sediment material will build the grounds for the formation of cooperative association facilities to help small farmers process the raw material and export it to the EU, augmenting their profits and empowering the local economies. So, working with the consequences of a remedial intervention to solve the pollution and taking into account the existing local conflicts, we take the opportunity to design an infrastructure that is gradually converted into a new form of landscape production and social formation in the Vistula Delta.

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