Martí Peran

Series: Landscape Urbanism Early Event
Date: 5/2/2014
Time: 17:00:00
Venue: Soft Room
Running time: 0 mins


In the context of the crisis of representation, (or in the context of the crisis of traditional cartography), this lecture considers, the need to establish a fresh foundation for cartography. The task of becoming cartographers implies a return to the possibility of deducing the value of territory and the ways of establishing a discourse with it, on the basis of experience. In this way, contemporary art could serve as a model.
Martí Peran is a critic and curator and is also a faculty member of the University of Barcelona. A member of the editors team ofRoulotte, he frequently contributes writing to a number of newspapers and art magazines. He has lectured at numerous museums, universities and festivals, and he has curated several historical and contemporary art exhibitions, including the recent ‘This is not a museum’ (2011–13:Barcelona, Liujbliana, Ciudad de México, Wasghinton DC, Santiago de Chile, Miami).
This lecture is hosted by Landscape Urbanism. All welcome.