Kiruna 4-Ever, How to move a City?

Presenters: Geoff Denton and Linda Thiel from White arkitekter AB
Series: Landscape Urbanism Open Lecture Series
Date: 7th March 2016
Time: 14:00
Venue: Soft room


Kiruna is an industrial town in the Arctic north of Sweden where the sun never sets in the height of summer and never rises in the depths of winter. A region with reindeer husbandry, snow, Sami people, and the Aurora Borealis overhead to further set the filmic scene. Kiruna, with 18,000 inhabitants, was created by the world’s largest underground iron ore mine, Kirunavaara, on the city’s western border. The city has a symbiotic relationship with the mine as its primary economic resource, but as it digs ever deeper into the earth it is encroaching towards the city. The scenario shares similarities with a dystopian science fiction tale. Either the digging must stop – creating mass unemployment – or the city’s inhabitants must move and allow their homes to fall into the uninhabitable deformation zone.

Geoff Denton and Linda Thiel from White arkitekter AB will present the winning international competition proposal Kiruna 4 ever, providing a future for the relocated mining town of Kiruna.


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