16 Feb

Learning from Water, lecture by Fabio Vanin – Latitude Platform , 22th February, Architectural Association

February 16, 2016

Series: Landscape Urbanism Open Lecture Series Date: 22th Februaryr 2015 Time: 14:00 Venue: Soft room Abstract: Water management, hydrogeological dysfunctions, cultural ​​and identity values related to water, are just some key cross-scale and interlinked issues that are increasingly present both in academic studies and professional assignments that deal with the territory. When coping with water, designers and researchers are often forced to rethink their learning and creative approach, moving towards complex outputs such as long-term visions, scenarios, process planning as well as specific technical solutions.     Can water become the privileged lens through which we look at the territory? Can water become the unavoidable “layer 0” of the praxis of design? Through a series of recent works of […]

09 Dec

What type of projects are produced within the AA Landscape Urbanism programme?

December 9, 2015

What type of projects are produced within the AA Landscape Urbanism programme? A distinct feature of The AA Landscape Urbanism program is the production of a comprehensive yearlong Design/Research project which goes beyond short-term design studios and exercises. The project/research outcome is design based and has a multi-scalar scope, meaning that students develop design strategies and scenarios of large territorial projects at continental, regional, local and architectonic scale. As the programme operates within contemporary conditions and understands urban environments as interconnected and related territorial landscapes, the envisaged projects within the Master have far reaching implications at local (architectural) and global (territorial) scales and thus, the various design outcomes are very […]

03 Dec

What is AA Landscape Urbanism

December 3, 2015

The AA Landscape Urbanism (AALU) model is DISTINCTIVE. Some have envisaged Landscape Urbanism as a means to decamp the depopulated western post-industrial city; to use landscape as the medium through which the urban can be reprogrammed for its post-fordist fate. Others have adopted a critical regionalist position in which landscape is mobilised in the conservation of site and tradition against the encroachments of globalisation and its supposedly universalising technology. The POSITION developed, within the AALU programme has ESCHEWED both the strategies of dispersal and the politics of conservative resistance, largely as a result of the locations with which we have been engaging.     The ever expanding metropolises of Mexico, Sri Lanka, Dubai and China, Europe for example, have rendered any straightforward adoption of others’ models incongruous to its concerns. On the other hand, the programme’s […]

20 Mar

AA Landscape Urbanism projects on display at the AA and Cambridge

March 20, 2015

If you are interested to check latest AA Landscape Urbanism projects, Aeolian San Odyssey and Coastal Futures Projects (by Anastasia Kotenko/Niki Kakali and Yunya Tang/Valeria Garcia respectively) they are currently on display at the Architectural Association School of Architecture Graduate Gallery, 36 Bedford Square and at Cambridge University, Architecture Department, 1-5 Scroope Terrace Cambridge, as part of the Urban Emergencies Exhibition/Conferece. More info here: http://www.ueeu.co.uk/

28 Jan

‘Nature is the Dummy’ essay by Douglas Spencer on metabolism, self-organisation and emergence in design

January 28, 2015

28 Jan

AALU Alfredo Ramirez and Eva Castro Interview for Beyond Urbanism Book

January 28, 2015

28 Oct

Coastal Futures Issuu Publication

October 28, 2014

AA Landscape Urbanism Coastal Futures is the design thesis of Valeria Garcia and Yunya Tang: Abstract: The project examines contemporary flooding scenarios and the possibility to use coastal erosion and deposition through tidal creek land formations as productive spatial territories. By instrumentalising these landforms, we intend to radically change the economic conditions and future potential of coastal communities in South England.   explore the fullproject HERE

22 Oct

AA Landscape Urbanism becomes MArch (16 months) & MSc (12 months) programme

October 22, 2014

The AA Landscape Urbanism programme is evolving! From 2015-2016 it will become an MArch (16 months) & MSc (12 months) programme. 2015/16 Academic Year – MSc* (12 months) / MArch* (16 months) Landscape Urbanism explores how the techniques, dynamics and discourses of landscape-based disciplines can be re-appropriated so as to ask fundamental questions about the contemporary city. It explores the ways in which the intersection of physical and social processes and dynamics of territorial formation generates new forms of urban typologies, governance and knowledge. The course combines material explorations of landscape evolution (facilitated by digital simulations) with the development of critical perspectives and studio work. For the 2015/16 academic year […]

17 Oct

The Riparian Land-Shaping Machine Issuu Publication

October 17, 2014

The Riparian Land-Shaping Machine is the design thesis of Josine Lambert and Eugenio Darin. Abstract: Mountain landscapes have been subjected to a relentless conflict between conservative-picturesque attitudes and economic exploitation approaches. The project proposes a strategy that understands the river as a sediment management machine that choreographs newly manufactured riparian landscapes in order to put forward a decision-making mechanism to face the conflicting perspectives with existing social formations. Explore the full project HERE

02 Oct

AA Landscape Urbanism Lecture Series on Geomorphology

October 2, 2014

All welcome to the AA Landscape Urbanism Lecture Series on Geomorphology 2014 starting next Tuesday 7th October at 14:00, Soft Room, Architectural Association: These lectures from experts in geomorphology will give an overview of existing methods and practices that describe the active processes shaping the landscape. These are intended to support the development and knowledge of the course in order to fabricate an understanding how these processes interact with human driven environments.   Geomorphology and Landscapes Andrew Goudie (Emeritus Professor of Geography at University of Oxford) 07 October 2014 14:00 PM Soft Room Architectural Association   What were the landscapes of the past like? What will landscapes look like in […]