26 Jan

José Alfredo Ramírez Landscape Urbanism Programme Head part of an international Coloquio in UNAM, México

January 26, 2024

The School of Architecture at UNAM (The Autonomous National University of Mexico) organised a COLOQUIO INTERNACIONAL RESILIENCIA URBANA Y CRISIS AMBIENTAL EN AMÉRICA LATINA. The landscape urbanism programme head, José Alfredo Ramírez, was invited to take part and present the research developed at Groundlab and Landscape Urbanism within the module on Vulnerability and Risk. José Alfredo presented a 10 mins talk titled: Landscape and Policy within the Capitalocen. The lecture is in Spanish and can be seen in this YouTube video from 36 minutes into the ‘Coloquio’: Check the full programme here: COLOQUIO INTERNACIONAL 2024: RESILIENCIA URBANA Y CRISIS AMBIENTAL EN AMÉRICA LATINA