26 Jan

José Alfredo Ramírez Landscape Urbanism Programme Head part of an international Coloquio in UNAM, México

January 26, 2024

The School of Architecture at UNAM (The Autonomous National University of Mexico) organised a COLOQUIO INTERNACIONAL RESILIENCIA URBANA Y CRISIS AMBIENTAL EN AMÉRICA LATINA. The landscape urbanism programme head, José Alfredo Ramírez, was invited to take part and present the research developed at Groundlab and Landscape Urbanism within the module on Vulnerability and Risk. José Alfredo presented a 10 mins talk titled: Landscape and Policy within the Capitalocen. The lecture is in Spanish and can be seen in this YouTube video from 36 minutes into the ‘Coloquio’: Check the full programme here: COLOQUIO INTERNACIONAL 2024: RESILIENCIA URBANA Y CRISIS AMBIENTAL EN AMÉRICA LATINA

26 Jan

Re-Imagining Agroecological Futures through Landscape Urbanism

January 26, 2024

Luke Neve, a contributor of Recessed.Space Platform covered the AA Landscape Urbanism exhintion at the Oxford Real farming Conference. This in the intro to the article which you can read in full by following the link below: At this year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference, a coming together of minds & ideas to radically reimagine our countryside’s future, students from London’s Architectural Association presented ongoing research. As Luke Neve discovered, groups from the Master’s degree in Landscape Urbanism visually presented their ideas to reinvigorate rurality… https://recessed.space/00160-Oxford-Real-Farming-Conference-Agroecological-Futures

08 Jan

Landscape Urbanism exhibition at the Oxford Real Farming Conference.

January 8, 2024

The Landscape Urbanism Programme was invited to put together an exhibition as part of the Oxford Real Farming Conference that took place in Oxford on the 4th and 5th of January. The exhibition shown under the title Architecture and Agriculture included 5 projects from the AA Landscape Urbanism Postgraduate programme which has been developing research in Agroecology and how it can shape processes of urbanisation in the UK. This is the intro to the exhibition and some of the panels that were part of the exhibition: AA INTRODUCTION STORY We must imagine what a profound agricultural transition looks like in practice to formulate a collective position advocating for radical farming […]

24 May

AA Landscape Urbanism publications in the World Landscape Architect Blog (WLA)

May 24, 2020

The World Landscape Architect World Blog plublished a series of articles on the latest AA Landscape Urbanism Graduates Thesis. You can find all, an introduction and 3 projects in the following links: Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Introduction Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 1 – New Coastal economies Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 2 – Urban Rewilding Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 3 – Our Future Woodlands Each part is a discussion between the AA Landscape Urbanism Graduating Student working group and Angus Bruce, HASSELL Head of Landscape Architecture. Thanks to Angus Bruce for supporting […]

18 Nov

How do we confront a world on fire? – Design and The Green New Deal on a Warming Planet

November 18, 2019

Series: Open Seminar – Plan the PlanetDate: Monday 18 November 2019Time: 18:30Venue: AA Lecture Hall Running time: 120 mins – Click HERE to check the full event in the AAschool You tube Channel – Given the climate and ecological emergency the world is facing, it is paramount to support a socially just re-structuration of the world we inhabit, intrinsically dependant on the health of the earth systems, and trigger, along the way, a radical transformation of the role designers can play in developing design proposals, mitigation strategies, advocacy initiatives and activism. One way to achieve this is by supporting a Green New Deal from those involved in designing landscapes (whether […]

09 May

Eric Rodenbeck on Data Visualization as a Creative Practice 15th May 2018

May 9, 2018

Eric Rodenbeck on Data Visualization as a Creative Practice  at the Architectural Association 15th May 2018, 14:00 pm  Landscape Urbanism Studio 4 Morwell Street. All welcome:   It’s past time for those of us who do this work to realize that telling stories with data is not a subgenre of computer science, or of anything else for that matter, any more than movies are a subgenre of live theater or photography is a sub genre of painting. Computer science, on its own, has about as much to say about the medium of data visualization as photographic paper engineering has to say about Instagram. Computer science is the technical underpinnings of dataviz, sometimes. Dataviz is […]

28 Nov

TAKING CONTROL AND THE UK COAST by Fernanda Balata from NEF ( New Economics Foundation) 29th Nov 16

November 28, 2016

All Welcome to the second Landscape Urbanism Lecture of 2016-17 titled TAKING CONTROL AND THE UK COAST, details as follow:   Title: TAKING CONTROL AND THE UK COAST Presenter: Fernanda Balata Series: Landscape Urbanism Open Lecture Date: 29th November 2016 Time: 12:00 Venue: 33 Bedford Square, First Floor Back   Talk by Fernanda Balata, Senior Programme Lead, Coastal Economies, New Economics Foundation   The New Economics Foundation is the UK’s only people-powered think tank, working to build a new economy where people really take control. Putting people in control means building their capabilities, and supporting them in taking ownership of their places, their local resources, and their working lives; helping […]

11 Dec

Projective Sandscapes is an AA Landscape Urbanism Design thesis

December 11, 2015

Projective Sandscapes is an AA Landscape Urbanism Design thesis by Elena Longhin, Chris Lo and Howe Chan which delves into questions related to ongoing desertification processes and remote landscape influences. The project attempts to negotiate and choreograph dunes formations as a way to re-sew preserved urban clusters and transforming their morphological conditions in landscape spatial qualities. This approach may be further applied to similar cases across Europe undergoing desertification proccess:   http://issuu.com/aala…/…/aa_projectivesandscapes_aalandscape

15 Jan

AALU Jose Alfredo Ramirez & Clara Oloriz in conversation with KERB Journal and Pierre Belanger

January 15, 2015

07 Mar

Critical Cartographies Lecture by Teresa Stoppani 20th March 2014

March 7, 2014

Critical Cartographies Teresa Stoppani , 20th March 2014, Soft Room, 6 PM Architectural Association [M]apmaking conventions are based not only on a sensible view of the world but on themselves, on their own historical sense of what counts as a legitimate view of the world. As the geographer J. Wreford Watson writes, “The geography of the land is in the last resort the geography of the mind.” Catherine Ingraham, Architecture and the Burdens of Linearity, 1998. The use of the grid in mapmaking offers a rational instrument that is based on conventions in order to fix and to communicate information. At the same time the cartographic grid produces an intentional […]