25 Feb

AA Landscape Urbanism Series 2015: Teresa Stoppani, Invisible Maps, 5th March Architectural Association

February 25, 2015

  AA Landscape Urbanism Series 2015 present: Teresa Stoppani, Invisible Maps, 5th March, Architectural Association 32 SFB, 18:00 hrs   The talk presents excerpts from an ongoing exploration of the process of mapmaking, proposing the use of cartography as a veritable “project” that constructs realities while often remaining concealed in forms of apparently objective presentations and representations. The definitions of the conventions of cartographic representation are themselves the product of an intellectual project that is deeply embedded in the time, society and political contexts of their production. The move away from the figural opens up a questioning of the relations between the object and its representations, which directly questions the […]

07 Mar

Critical Cartographies Lecture by Teresa Stoppani 20th March 2014

March 7, 2014

Critical Cartographies Teresa Stoppani , 20th March 2014, Soft Room, 6 PM Architectural Association [M]apmaking conventions are based not only on a sensible view of the world but on themselves, on their own historical sense of what counts as a legitimate view of the world. As the geographer J. Wreford Watson writes, “The geography of the land is in the last resort the geography of the mind.” Catherine Ingraham, Architecture and the Burdens of Linearity, 1998. The use of the grid in mapmaking offers a rational instrument that is based on conventions in order to fix and to communicate information. At the same time the cartographic grid produces an intentional […]

04 Mar

On the Record – Lecture by Gabriela Garcia

March 4, 2014

Gabriela García de Cortázar On the Record Series: Landscape Urbanism Lecture Series Date: 6/3/2014 Time: 17:30:00 Venue: New Soft Room Catalogues, lists, inventories, indexes; atlases, models, maps, plans, diagrams, charts, graphs are all ways of recording what is out there, what cannot be seen with our insufficient vision, and what cannot be kept with our restricted memory. Maps are the preferred tool for recording things in space, and just as any other register, they act through selection, editions and naming – basically, description. This kind of linguistic capture necessarily encounters problems, and the talk will focus on three: issues of scope (what to capture, parts or wholes; what to describe, surfaces or structures), time […]

01 Feb

Martí Peran- Making Maps Lecture

February 1, 2014

Martí Peran Series: Landscape Urbanism Early Event Date: 5/2/2014 Time: 17:00:00 Venue: Soft Room Running time: 0 mins   In the context of the crisis of representation, (or in the context of the crisis of traditional cartography), this lecture considers, the need to establish a fresh foundation for cartography. The task of becoming cartographers implies a return to the possibility of deducing the value of territory and the ways of establishing a discourse with it, on the basis of experience. In this way, contemporary art could serve as a model. Martí Peran is a critic and curator and is also a faculty member of the University of Barcelona. A member of the editors team ofRoulotte, he […]