26 Jan

Re-Imagining Agroecological Futures through Landscape Urbanism

January 26, 2024

Luke Neve, a contributor of Recessed.Space Platform covered the AA Landscape Urbanism exhintion at the Oxford Real farming Conference. This in the intro to the article which you can read in full by following the link below: At this year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference, a coming together of minds & ideas to radically reimagine our countryside’s future, students from London’s Architectural Association presented ongoing research. As Luke Neve discovered, groups from the Master’s degree in Landscape Urbanism visually presented their ideas to reinvigorate rurality… https://recessed.space/00160-Oxford-Real-Farming-Conference-Agroecological-Futures

24 May

AA Landscape Urbanism publications in the World Landscape Architect Blog (WLA)

May 24, 2020

The World Landscape Architect World Blog plublished a series of articles on the latest AA Landscape Urbanism Graduates Thesis. You can find all, an introduction and 3 projects in the following links: Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Introduction Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 1 – New Coastal economies Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 2 – Urban Rewilding Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 3 – Our Future Woodlands Each part is a discussion between the AA Landscape Urbanism Graduating Student working group and Angus Bruce, HASSELL Head of Landscape Architecture. Thanks to Angus Bruce for supporting […]

15 Jan

AALU Jose Alfredo Ramirez & Clara Oloriz in conversation with KERB Journal and Pierre Belanger

January 15, 2015