26 Jan

Re-Imagining Agroecological Futures through Landscape Urbanism

January 26, 2024

Luke Neve, a contributor of Recessed.Space Platform covered the AA Landscape Urbanism exhintion at the Oxford Real farming Conference. This in the intro to the article which you can read in full by following the link below: At this year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference, a coming together of minds & ideas to radically reimagine our countryside’s future, students from London’s Architectural Association presented ongoing research. As Luke Neve discovered, groups from the Master’s degree in Landscape Urbanism visually presented their ideas to reinvigorate rurality… https://recessed.space/00160-Oxford-Real-Farming-Conference-Agroecological-Futures

24 May

AA Landscape Urbanism publications in the World Landscape Architect Blog (WLA)

May 24, 2020

The World Landscape Architect World Blog plublished a series of articles on the latest AA Landscape Urbanism Graduates Thesis. You can find all, an introduction and 3 projects in the following links: Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Introduction Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 1 – New Coastal economies Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 2 – Urban Rewilding Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 3 – Our Future Woodlands Each part is a discussion between the AA Landscape Urbanism Graduating Student working group and Angus Bruce, HASSELL Head of Landscape Architecture. Thanks to Angus Bruce for supporting […]

09 Dec

AA Landscape Urbanism in Tribune Magazine

December 9, 2019

AA Landscape Urbanism graduates, Yasmina Yehia and Elena Suastegui has contributed to Tribune Magazine with the article: The British Government is Fuelling Climate Disaster The article is based on their AA Landscape Urbanism project thesis: Just Transition which you can access in full here: Thanks to the New Economics Foundation to allowing theprogramme to contribute with ideas and drawings to this outlet.

10 Oct

AA Landscape Urbanism/Clara Oloriz awarded Graham Foundation Grant for Landscape as Territory book

October 10, 2018

The Graham Foundation has announced the award of $609,500 for grants to organizations including innovative projects led by eminent and emerging architects, artists, curators, filmmakers, historians, and publishers, among other professionals. Selected from over 200 proposals, the 53 awarded projects support work that continues to advocate for engaging original ideas that advance our understanding of the designed environment. The AA’s Landscape and Urbanism Graduate Design Programme has been awarded for its publication Landscape as Territory. It is a cartographic book project that critically addresses the agency of architects in the so-called “urban age,” through an understanding of territory as a design praxis through which consequential landscapes are produced. Territory, understood as […]

18 Mar

AA Landscape Urbanism contribution to the Venice Bienale 2014

March 18, 2015

How does AA Landscape Urbanism perform Research through Design? What is the role of concepts such as Landscape and Territory in this regard? Read here Clara Oloriz and Jose Alfredo Ramirez essay ‘Land Formations/Tectonic Grounds’, part of the Architectural Design Research Symposium and forthcoming book originated last November at the Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina  within the New Zealand pavilion, a collateral event of last year Venice Biennale 2014 . In the essay Clara Oloriz and Jose Alfredo Ramirez ( Studio Master and Co-Director)describes the praxis of AA Landscape Urbanism as a model  for a Design by Research programme and the way in which Landscape and Territory are understood as fundamental concepts for its development.