24 May

AA Landscape Urbanism publications in the World Landscape Architect Blog (WLA)

May 24, 2020

The World Landscape Architect World Blog plublished a series of articles on the latest AA Landscape Urbanism Graduates Thesis. You can find all, an introduction and 3 projects in the following links: Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Introduction Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 1 – New Coastal economies Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 2 – Urban Rewilding Landscape architecture Insights | The next generation | Part 3 – Our Future Woodlands Each part is a discussion between the AA Landscape Urbanism Graduating Student working group and Angus Bruce, HASSELL Head of Landscape Architecture. Thanks to Angus Bruce for supporting […]

22 Apr

AA Earth Day and AALU

April 22, 2020

Expanding Horizons Check the participation of AALU co-director Jose Alfredo Ramirez in this AA seminar HERE: Series: Global ForumsDate: Wednesday 22 April 2020Time: 18:00Venue: Global Forums Running time: 63 mins On the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day on April 22nd, the AA launches an open call for submissions of drawings that depict the earth today. At a time when the planet is united in the experience of combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, we are physically separated while digitally connected. How does this impact the way we visualise Earth as a whole? From the Cantino Planisphere to Buckminster Fuller’s dymaxion map to one of the oldest maps – the Bedolina Petroglyphs […]

09 Dec

AA Landscape Urbanism in Tribune Magazine

December 9, 2019

AA Landscape Urbanism graduates, Yasmina Yehia and Elena Suastegui has contributed to Tribune Magazine with the article: The British Government is Fuelling Climate Disaster The article is based on their AA Landscape Urbanism project thesis: Just Transition which you can access in full here: Thanks to the New Economics Foundation to allowing theprogramme to contribute with ideas and drawings to this outlet.

20 Nov

Landscape as Territory Book Launch, 20th Nov 2019

November 20, 2019

Landscape as Territory Book was launched at @aaschool November 20th, collecting best @aalandscapeurbanism design thesis and contributions from Douglas Spencer, Stuart Elden, Mark Duffield, M. Perán & liam Mouritz. Supported by @grahamfoundation and published by @actar_publishers Buy the book at: https://aabookshop.net/?wpsc-product=landscape-as-territory

18 Nov

How do we confront a world on fire? – Design and The Green New Deal on a Warming Planet

November 18, 2019

Series: Open Seminar – Plan the PlanetDate: Monday 18 November 2019Time: 18:30Venue: AA Lecture Hall Running time: 120 mins – Click HERE to check the full event in the AAschool You tube Channel – Given the climate and ecological emergency the world is facing, it is paramount to support a socially just re-structuration of the world we inhabit, intrinsically dependant on the health of the earth systems, and trigger, along the way, a radical transformation of the role designers can play in developing design proposals, mitigation strategies, advocacy initiatives and activism. One way to achieve this is by supporting a Green New Deal from those involved in designing landscapes (whether […]

03 Dec

Inter-american Development Bank Seminar on Governance and Urban Growth/ Key Note Speaker: Jose Alfredo Ramirez 5th December 2018

December 3, 2018

AA Landscape Urbanism Co-director Jose Alfredo Ramirez will be a key note speaker in the Seminar on Governance and Urban Growth organized by the Inter-american Development Bank in Bogota Colombia on 5th December 2018. The event will focus on a couple of metropolitan studies the Inter-american Development Bank has developed recently in the region to promote metropolitan coordination, including study cases in Colombia and Chile, and will discuss the idea of Metropolitan Landscapes and the future of Metropolis presented by Jose Alfredo Ramirez as part of an ongoing research on Metropolitan structures. Schedule of event:  

10 Oct

AA Landscape Urbanism/Clara Oloriz awarded Graham Foundation Grant for Landscape as Territory book

October 10, 2018

The Graham Foundation has announced the award of $609,500 for grants to organizations including innovative projects led by eminent and emerging architects, artists, curators, filmmakers, historians, and publishers, among other professionals. Selected from over 200 proposals, the 53 awarded projects support work that continues to advocate for engaging original ideas that advance our understanding of the designed environment. The AA’s Landscape and Urbanism Graduate Design Programme has been awarded for its publication Landscape as Territory. It is a cartographic book project that critically addresses the agency of architects in the so-called “urban age,” through an understanding of territory as a design praxis through which consequential landscapes are produced. Territory, understood as […]

10 Oct

Design Agency within Earth Systems/ 26th October 2018 @AAschool

October 10, 2018

Series: Conference  Date: Friday 26 October 2018  Time: 10:00  Venue: AA Lecture Hall 8,000 meters above sea level exists what climbers call the ‘death zone’. This altitude marks the limit for human habitation, above which our species cannot survive. We thrive in the ‘life zone’ – the earth’s land surfaces and oceans, its geological layers beneath, the dynamic atmosphere above – all affected by gravitational and magnetic forces beyond. This living world is constantly being transformed by our social, economic and political interactions revealing our intricate dependencies on the the earth and its systems. Terms such as ‘Anthropocene’ and ‘Capitalocene’ have drawn attention to the role of political economy in transforming these earth systems […]

09 Oct

AA Landscape Co Directors to take part in ‘Grounded’ part of AA Positions, a conversations series on 5th November 2018

October 9, 2018

Grounded Series: Positions  Date: Monday 5 November 2018  Time: 18:30  Venue: Lecture Hall watch the event HERE To be ‘Grounded’ is to be rooted in place, whether that be a type of landscape, a defined territory, a politicised site, or a locally-specific culture. How can place contribute to the making of space? This conversation will debate different strategies on how to answer this question through mapping intangible flows, generating a productive landscape and introducing stability into conflict zones or struggling economies. Following on from the What’s Next series that was a platform for AA graduates to present their unique forms of practice, this year a new series of five conversations on critical Positions will […]

24 Jun

AALU Alumni meeting / Territorial Formats 23rd June 2018

June 24, 2018

The First AA Landscape Urbanism Alumni meeting happened last 23rd June 2018 with several AALU graduates presenting their professional work. Great to see how the AALU alumni develops their professional careers and we look forward to strengthening the links among alumni and the programme in the near future.