AA Landscape Urbanism Series 2015 present:

Teresa Stoppani, Invisible Maps,

5th March, Architectural Association 32 SFB, 18:00 hrs


The talk presents excerpts from an ongoing exploration of the process of mapmaking, proposing the use of cartography as a veritable “project” that constructs realities while often remaining concealed in forms of apparently objective presentations and representations. The definitions of the conventions of cartographic representation are themselves the product of an intellectual project that is deeply embedded in the time, society and political contexts of their production. The move away from the figural opens up a questioning of the relations between the object and its representations, which directly questions the nature and the stability of the object itself. Mapping is thus proposed as a dynamic form of making. The talk will draw examples, images and stories from architecture and the visual arts to seek the invisible content of maps and explore the notion of critical cartographies.


Teresa Stoppani is Professor of Architecture at Leeds Beckett University, where she directs the Leeds School of Architecture and the PhD in Architecture programme. An architect and architectural theoretician, Teresa has taught in the UK, Italy and Australia, and lectured and published internationally. She is currently working on the book X Unorthodox Ways to Rethink the City of Architecture (Routledge, 2016).