The first ever AA Landscape Urbanism MArch students presentation will take place next 9th January in the AA Lecture Hall at 12pm-4pm

The following project will be presented and all are welcomed:


Cooperative Wetlands is an AA Landscape Urbanism project by Yan Sun MArch student with MSc Yanwen Wu and Conyue Wang . It  develops a strategy for redirecting nutrient rich sediments in Vistula River towards the design of new wetland and productive landscapes managed by agricultural cooperatives.

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Dredging Artifice, is an AA landscape urbanism project by MArch student Kai Fan with MSc Students Shiqi Deng and Menglei Zhong. It develops an alternative approach to dredging and managing sediment in the Ems Estuary within the Wadden Sea, where natural formations of sand bars are geared towards alternative forms of catering for modern shipyard economies.

Pages from Dredging Artifice in Estuarine Territories_AALU2015-2016_Shiqi Deng_Menglei Zhong11

Forever Aur,  is an AA Landscape Urbanism project by Hao Wen Lin (MSc) and Shreya Save (MArch) that explores resulting scenarios from alternative methods of managing tailing waste from gold mining. It re-imagine the post-mining landscape as a co-mining territories to form a platform that generate alternative economies. It does so by exploring a case study in Rosia Montana, Romania, and its potential implications for the future of that territory.

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Dynamic Flows by MArch students Pengkun li & Pei chin Lin, is an AA Landscape Urbanism project that develops a new approach towards one of the most significant and cultural landscape icon in the UK, the hedge row. The hedge row is seen as the basic element to develop a flood management scheme to negotiate interests, between local farmers and stake holders, while developing multi-purpose structures based on traditional hedge row techniques.

landscape urbanism dynamic flow