All welcome to the AA Landscape Urbanism Lecture Series on Geomorphology 2014 starting next Tuesday 7th October at 14:00, Soft Room, Architectural Association:

These lectures from experts in geomorphology will give an overview of existing methods and practices that describe the active processes shaping the landscape. These are intended to support the development and knowledge of the course in order to fabricate an understanding how these processes interact with human driven environments.


Geomorphology and Landscapes
Andrew Goudie (Emeritus Professor of Geography at University of Oxford)
07 October 2014 14:00 PM
Soft Room
Architectural Association


What were the landscapes of the past like? What will landscapes look like in the future? Landscapes are all around us, but most of us know very little about how they have developed, what goes on in them, and how they react to changing climates, tectonics and human activities. Examining what landscape is, and how we use a range of ideas and techniques to study it, Andrew Goudie a demonstrate how geomorphologists have built on classic methods pioneered by some great 19th century scientists to examine our Earth.