09 Mar

Dubravka Sekulic on How to Code Urban commons, Architectural Association 16th March at 37 Bedford Square First Floor Front

March 9, 2018

Dubravka Sekulic, How to Code Urban commons Architectural Association , 16th March, 17:00 hrs, at 33 Bedford Square First Floor Back. Law shapes the public and common space, leading to enclosure of space or spatial dispossession. How can public space be defended and extended by learning from the protocols and social contracts of the free software culture? (Vortrag in englisch) It should not come as surprise that laws shape space as there is a whole set of legislation in most of the countries which deals with space directly. What often come as surprise is that even those laws which do not directly engage with spatial matters have an effect on it. […]

04 Nov

Flooding Mechanism Lecture 10th November Architectural Association-Soft Room

November 4, 2015

Presenters: Silvia Ribot, Lida Driva, Drimita Bra ‘Flooding Mechanisms’ Series: Landscape Urbanism Open Lecture Series Date: 10th November 2015 Time: 14:00 Venue: Soft room Abstract: The lecture will present theFlooding Mechanisms project thesis part of the AA Landscape urbanism programme: The project proposes a new DESGN approach towards ‘Water Management Policies’ in Europe and specially the North of Spain. It intersects social and geo-morphological formations to intervene and design new productive and political entities that could make use of micro-flooding in order to envisage alternative scenarios of river and agricultural landscapes to current technocratic conditions. Figure 1. Catogenesis  –  Image  by Silvia Ribot, Lida Driva, Drimita Bra