AA Landscape Urbanism exhibit every year at the AA School as part of the annual projects review and regularly around the world in different venues .


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[su_spoiler title=”Projects Review 2013″]

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[su_spoiler title=”Projects Review 2012″]

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AALU work also has been exhibited at different venues all around the world. Previous exhibitions include:



[su_spoiler title=”Tallin Landscape Urbanism Biennale 2011″]



[su_spoiler title=”Shanghai Study Centre 2010″]

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AALU/Groundlab exhibitions is open at the School of Architecture in the Universidad de Navarra. The show will open from 12.05.2006 to 29/05.2008 and features the research based work of Ma Course Landscape Urbanism altogether with the professional approach to city design by Groudlab collective. Landscape Urbanism exhibition shows a selection of the student production during the years 04-05 (based in Mexico City), 05-06 (based in Sri Lanka) and 06-07 (based in Dubai-Oman), as well as several competitions form Groundlab including the winning entry for Longgang city masterplan.A lecture will be closing the event on the 29 of may at the Aula magna ETSAUN.


[su_spoiler title=”Fundacion Metropoli Madrid 2008″]



[su_spoiler title=”Hong Kong Shezhen Biennale 2007″]

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The work of AA Landscape Urbanism 2004-2007 altogether with Groundlab Collective is shown in the c-6 pavillion on the Hong Kong – ShenZhen Biennale until March 2008. The work features panels and models of research work by student works as well as design work undertaken under the Groundlab Collective, linking academic to professional realm.