18 Mar

AA Landscape Urbanism contribution to the Venice Bienale 2014

March 18, 2015

How does AA Landscape Urbanism perform Research through Design? What is the role of concepts such as Landscape and Territory in this regard? Read here Clara Oloriz and Jose Alfredo Ramirez essay ‘Land Formations/Tectonic Grounds’, part of the Architectural Design Research Symposium and forthcoming book originated last November at the Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina  within the New Zealand pavilion, a collateral event of last year Venice Biennale 2014 . In the essay Clara Oloriz and Jose Alfredo Ramirez ( Studio Master and Co-Director)describes the praxis of AA Landscape Urbanism as a model  for a Design by Research programme and the way in which Landscape and Territory are understood as fundamental concepts for its development.

25 Feb

Invisible Maps

AA Landscape Urbanism Series 2015: Teresa Stoppani, Invisible Maps, 5th March Architectural Association

February 25, 2015

  AA Landscape Urbanism Series 2015 present: Teresa Stoppani, Invisible Maps, 5th March, Architectural Association 32 SFB, 18:00 hrs   The talk presents excerpts from an ongoing exploration of the process of mapmaking, proposing the use of cartography as a veritable “project” that constructs realities while often remaining concealed in forms of apparently objective presentations and representations. The definitions of the conventions of cartographic representation are themselves the product of an intellectual project that is deeply embedded in the time, society and political contexts of their production. The move away from the figural opens up a questioning of the relations between the object and its representations, which directly questions the […]

27 Mar


End of term Review 28th March Architectural Association

March 27, 2014

AALU End of Term Review 28th March 2014, 14:00 32 Bedfore Square, 2nd Floor Back Architectural Association Invited guest: -Judith Reiser, Independent Journalist, Urbanist and member of ISOCARP -Gabriela Garcia de Cortzar, AA PHD candidate -Constanza Madricardo, AA Landscape Urbanism, AECOM AALU continues to shape an European Atlas of Radical Cartographies. Work in progress will be presented by each of the teams working on different landforms around Europe and informed by  its social formations. All welcomed.