MSc 12 months (three terms, plus thesis work)

March 16 months (four terms)


Landscape Urbanism explores how the techniques, dynamics and discourses of landscape-based disciplines can be re-appropriated so as to ask fundamental questions about the contemporary city. It explores the ways in which the intersection of physical and social processes and dynamics of territorial formation generates new forms of urban typologies, governance and knowledge. The course combines material explorations of landscape evolution (facilitated by digital simulations) with the development of critical perspectives and studio work.


Landscape Urbanism offers a 12-month MSc and a 16-month March aimed at a wide range of professionals engaged with territorial disciplines ranging from architects and landscape architects to engineers, urban planners and geographers to explore a cross-disciplinary research by design approach to these practices.


The MSc course develops students’ ability to abstract complex territorial formations in order to generate a set of territorial guidelines (Manual) that can be potentially deployed in comparable territories (Atlas). The 16-month March produces site-specific design thesis projects that work as an operative test bed to inform the Atlas and Manual of territorial formations. Students’ work is based on a combination of team-based studio, workshop and seminar courses. At the end of September (MSc) and January (March) the projects are presented to a panel of distinguish visiting critics in order to finalise the design thesis in the form of a book.


Applications Requirements:



Professional degree or diploma in architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, urban planning, geography, engineering or other relevant discipline.



Five-year professional degree or diploma in architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, urban planning, geography, engineering or other relevant disciplines.


Entry to the Landscape Urbanism Programme is made by completing an online Graduate School Application Form and submitting a design portfolio showing previous professional and academic experience (no larger than A4, and between ten and 30 pages, CDs are also accepted but must be accompanied by a printed hard copy). Please refer to Portfolio Guidelines page on AA site for further information.


Applicants are encouraged to visit the AA School and attend an interview with the Programme Staff. Appointments can be made through the Graduate School Admissions.
Please contact Imogen Evans on:
T +44 (0)20 7887 4067


All candidates are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. To meet both the AA and the Home Office / UKVI English language requirements you will need to have one of the acceptable language qualifications listed on the AA website. If your place is conditional on providing English language qualification this must be submitted by Friday 29 May 2015, prior to entry in Term 1. For further instructions on how to apply please visit AA Graduate Admissions page.