AA Landscape Urbanism set out to explore  Territorial Landscapes accross Europe for its fieldtrip of 2014: The Curonian Spit sand-dunes, Riparian Landscape in the Alps, Po Delta, the Elbe River Floodplains, and Southern UK flood-risk coast as part of the ongoing Atlas of radical cartographies accross Europe. Photos by Anastasia Kotenko and Niki Kakali, Valeria Garcia, Ariadna Weisshaar, Simranjit Kaur, Anji Han,Yi-Chun Kuo, Josine Lambert, Eugenio Darin, Fernando Blanco, Shruthi Padmanabhan  and   Yunya Tang:

DSC_0823 IMG_0409 IMG_2312.

IMG_20140406_195535 IMG_20140407_213842