AALU BOOK, Critical Territories: From Academia to Praxis
Launch Wednesday 18th June London

Please join us for  the launch of AA Landscape Urbanism Book, ‘Critical Territories: From Academia to Praxis’ edited by Eva Castro, Alfredo Ramirez, Eduardo Rico and Douglas Spencer in the AA Bookshop at 6.30pm on Wednesday 18th June 2014.

Critical Territories records the current state of our practice, theory and teaching of Landscape Urbanism and its development in recent years. It describes the phases and processes through which we have arrived at a distinctive model of Landscape Urbanism and the movement, from academia to praxis, through which this has been achieved. To this end, Critical Territories opens with a series of contributions to the ongoing development of our theoretical perspectives before turning to elaborate, from within the academic framework of the Architectural Association, the work of our students and the agendas they have engaged with in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Dubai and China and the intensive workshops with which they have been involved in Europe. It then turns, finally, to the projects produced and realised by the Landscape Urbanist practice Groundlab, whose work both puts into practice our model of Landscape Urbanism and offers an opportunity to reflect upon its further development.